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How does cannabis help you lose weight?

Cannabis use is a controversial topic that continues to divide the scientific community. But despite differing opinions, many agree that cannabidiol or CBD (a cannabis molecule present in large quantities in the plant) would provide numerous scientifically proven benefits for the body. In recent years, studies have confirmed its action on weight loss. Which is contradictory to what we have always believed: cannabis makes you hungry and encourages you to eat a lot.

But then, does cannabis make you lose weight? If yes, how ?

The benefits of cannabis for weight loss

For a long time, the feeling of hunger has been associated with cannabis consumption. An American study carried out in 2015 has just stated the opposite. Legal cannabis (rich in CBD and low in THC) would control the feeling of hunger and satiety. Indeed, CBD, like other cannabinoids contained in cannabis, interacts with our body. It would control neurons, more precisely proopiomelanocortin (POMC) which determines whether a person is hungry or not. Thus, cannabis consumption would stimulate the POMC. But if THC triggers the hunger message, CBD attenuates it. Thanks to its action on the hypothalamus, it is a natural appetite suppressant. This is why the consumption of CBD is permitted, among other things, in many countries.

In addition to controlling POMC, CBD cannabis reduces the amount of fat in certain foods. This is possible thanks to the anti-oxidant properties of cannabidiol.

Furthermore, cannabis accelerates metabolism and reduces fasting insulin. In fact, it promotes the absorption of sugar in the body, thus allowing you to burn more fat.

So, does cannabis make you lose weight? If studies have revealed that cannabis promotes weight loss, for the moment, scientists have not yet succeeded in demonstrating the link between the two.

Lose weight with cannabis?

Is it recommended to consume cannabis to lose weight?

According to this same American study, the obesity rate among cannabis users was 22%. Among regular users who consumed cannabis at least 3 times a week, the obesity rate would drop by up to 14.3%.

Concerning BMI or body mass index, regular cannabis smokers had a BMI on average 2.7% lower than non-smokers. As for smokers, the difference is even more obvious. They have a BMI 3.1% lower than non-smokers.

According to recent studies, regular cannabis users burn approximately 600 calories more per day than non-users.

Does cannabis make you lose weight? Cannabis helps you lose weight as it inhibits the feeling of hunger. Of course, we are talking here about CBD cannabis, which is also called medical cannabis.

The benefits of hemp oil for weight loss

There are many types of CBD products such as oils, dietary supplements, topicals , etc.

Among these products, hemp oil is one of the most consumed, because it is easy to use. In fact, it can be swallowed as is, mixed with food or drinks, etc.

Hemp or cannabis sativa is a plant domesticated by humans for millennia. It has many health benefits. Among other things, it would have dietary and strengthening properties. Moreover, hemp oil, rich in fatty acids and essential fatty acids, is used as a food supplement as part of a slimming diet. In addition, it accelerates weight loss.

Does cannabis make you lose weight? Containing good fats, fiber, macronutrients, vitamins and minerals, hemp oil for weight loss:

  • controls appetite;
  • facilitates intestinal transit;
  • provides greater satiety;
  • balances the endocrine system, thus promoting the burning of calories;
  • reduces body fat by up to 14%.

Summary: The takeaways about cannabis and weight loss

Does cannabis make you lose weight? Even if scientific studies have not yet established a link between smoking a joint and weight loss, smoking a joint makes you lose weight to the extent that cannabidiol regulates the appetite, activates the metabolism and promotes the burning of fats and calories.

Of course, you will have to choose your hemp oil carefully to lose weight. The CBD level must be high and the THC level very low (less than 0.3% to be legal. This way there are no side effects.

Good quality CBD oil, a balanced diet and physical activities are the components of weight loss.


Is hemp oil for weight loss good for your health?

Yes, hemp oil has no side effects. On the contrary. In addition to promoting weight loss, it also has other health benefits. So, hemp oil for weight loss:

  • would prevent cardiovascular diseases;
  • would reduce protein deficiencies;
  • would boost immunity;
  • would improve brain health;
  • would improve muscle and bone health;
  • would lower blood pressure;
  • would ensure good digestion.