Hemp Varieties: Felina 32 and Santhica 27 - Characteristics and Potential

In the fascinating world of hemp cultivation, choosing the right variety can be the key to success and is therefore of utmost importance. Two varieties of particular interest in the quest for zero waste farming are Felina 32 and Santhica 27, each bringing its distinct characteristics and unique potential to CBX medical's arsenal.

Felina 32 - Natural Balance

Felina 32 stands out for its major cannabinoid, CBD, with a ∆-9-THC level of less than 0.2%. This variety has a cycle length of 133 to 138 days, reaching full bloom around August 8. An interesting feature is its classification as a monoecious variety, which means that it produces both male and female flowers on the same plant.

CBD, as a compound with interesting therapeutic potential, makes it a preferred choice for CBX medical health products. Its cultivation makes it possible to harvest flowers rich in CBD while maintaining a level of ∆-9-THC in compliance with current regulations. Felina 32 embodies the harmony between the benefits of hemp and legal requirements.

Santhica 27 - The Explorer of New Frontiers

Santhica 27, for its part, stands out for its major cannabinoid, CBG, with a CBD level of less than 0.1% and a ∆-8 & 9-THC level of close to 0%. This variety is distinguished by its shorter growth cycle, spanning 90 to 95 days, and its full flowering observed around August 11. Just like Felina 32, Santhica 27 is also a monoecious variety.

CBG, a cannabinoid being explored for its health benefits, makes Santhica 27 an interesting strain. Growing Santhica 27 represents an opportunity to delve into the depths of hemp's therapeutic potential, while maintaining rigorous compliance since the THC level is almost zero!

The Choice That Depends on Objectives

The choice between Felina 32 and Santhica 27 depends on the specific growing goals. These varieties present a good compromise between CBD/CBG concentrations and fiber production.

Ultimately, these two varieties embody the diversity of possibilities offered by hemp, offering unique opportunities for the health industry and other application sectors such as construction and textiles. Choosing between them is a step crucial on the path to sustainable and circular hemp cultivation, in line with CBX medical's vision for a greener and healthier future.

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