CBX Medical is a Belgian company specializing in the development of cannabinoid-based products to improve everyone's daily lives.

  • Chapter 1

    The cannabis plant

    Cultivated by humans for more than 6000 years, cannabis is a plant that allows us to feed, house, clothe and heal us.

    It provides lasting answers to the current challenges of our society.

  • Chapter 2

    Cannabis and our body

    After isolating CBD and THC in 1964, the Israeli team of Dr. Raphaël Meloucham discovered a first receptor in 1988 and the first "endocannabinoid" in 1992...

    This is the discovery of the endocannabinoid system; a set of body receptors that react with endogenous and exogenous chemicals.

  • Chapter 3

    How it works ?

    Cannabinoids influence our body. Yes but how ? What is their action on the receptors? How is it that these biochemical molecules have an impact on our body?

  • Chapter 4
    Major and minor cannabinoids

    Major and minor cannabinoids

    Cannabidiol, CBD, is attracting the attention of journalists around the world. It's a new molecule that's causing a lot of talk... But be careful, the cannabis plant has more than a hundred other cannabinoids, some of which are very promising for their future in the medical field.

  • Chapter 5

    What is CBD?

    It is the cannabinoid most present in the plant with THC. It is the molecule of the last decade. everyone is talking about it: researchers, consumers, governments... What is it really?