Carriers of CBD oils

Did you know that CBD oil producers add carriers into their products? This makes them easier to consume or improves their taste. Therefore, CBD oil is rarely pure. Moreover, there are several types of transporters and each has its own effects. For those who plan to adopt this product or who have already done so, here is some interesting information about these famous carriers of CBD oil.

What is CBD oil?

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the active substances present in cannabis. Except that unlike another cannabinoid which is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) , it is not psychoactive. In general, CBD oil does not contain THC, but it may be possible to find some traces of it.

CBD is mainly present in cannabis flowers as well as the fibers of the stems which contain little THC.

CBD oil is obtained from Cannabis indica or Cannabis sativa. This oil has been used for several millennia for medicinal purposes. In addition, this product would have various properties:

  • reduce anxiety and stress;
  • stimulate the appetite;
  • treat certain types of epilepsy;
  • relieve pain, dystonia, autistic disorders or even schizophrenia...

Why is CBD linked to a carrier?

Once extracted from hemp flowers, pure CBD takes on a white powder form. It is called CBD isolate. The latter has major disadvantages:

  • it is difficult to dose a serving of CBD isolate grain by grain;
  • the body cannot process the majority of CBD absorbed in its pure form.

Hence the fact that CBD oil producers link this product to transporters or carriers. Their role is multiple.

The Benefits of CBD Oil Carriers

Simplifies dosages

The dosage of CBD oil is necessary since CBD is particularly potent. Ensuring this parameter is difficult with CBD isolate. On the other hand, by adding a carrier or an oil to dilute it, everything becomes simpler. We know how much CBD oil we ingest on a daily basis.

Better absorption by the body

If CBD oil producers also use a carrier, it is to increase bioavailability. Compounds derived from hemp bind to the fatty molecules in the oil and the body breaks them down more easily.

Increase the taste of CBD oil

One reason why it is better to opt for carrier-bound CBD oil rather than its pure form is the flavor. This is because CBD isolate doesn’t taste good.

A CBD oil carrier adds a natural flavor and makes taking it more pleasant. CBD oil is taken sublingually where it is left to sit for 90 seconds. A bad taste can therefore push the consumer to stop taking it.

The carrier has its own virtues

Carriers are other oils that have their own health effects. For example, MCT oil has anti-inflammatory effects in the intestine and preserves muscle tone in the elderly...

Brief description of different carriers

There is actually more than one carrier for CBD oil.

Hemp Seed Oil

Among the most popular CBD oil carriers is hemp seed oil. The latter does not contain additional CBD. In fact, hemp seeds contain fewer cannabinoids than the flower. On the other hand, they contain certain phytochemical compounds which are absent from flowers.

The reason hemp seed oil makes a good carrier for CBD oil is the entourage effect. As a reminder, the entourage effect amplifies the effectiveness of each component of the parts of the plant.

MCT oil

MCT oil translates into French as MCT oil (medium chain triglycerides). This oil is obtained by separating the fatty acids from palm kernel oil or coconut oil.

The medium triglyceride chains of MCT oil are quickly absorbed by the body without going through digestion. Once broken down, they pass into the lymphatic system.

Olive oil

Olive oil is certainly the most commonly consumed carrier of CBD oil. It has the particularity of having a good taste and being suitable for various recipes.

However, because of its viscous nature, it is difficult to dose and it dissolves less well than MCT oil.

Avocado oil

Like olive oil, avocado oil has a high concentration of oleic acid. It is also thicker than olive oil.

As a CBD oil carrier, avocado oil is mostly used in tropical products. Its downside is its higher price than other carriers on this list.

However, it is important to know that there is no CBD oil carrier that is better than another. It all depends on individual preferences. For example, it is possible to opt for a CBD oil linked with MCT oil for those who are allergic to others.

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