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CBD for electronic cigarettes: the complete guide

Cannabidiol or CBD is an active molecule found mainly in hemp plants. With an electronic cigarette, it is now possible to consume it directly in the form of e-liquid. Devoid of nicotine, it allows aromas and cannabidiol to be vaporized. In addition, CBD e-liquid comes in different dosages and is generally sold in bottles. To narrow down your choice, we offer you a complete guide to CBD for electronic cigarettes.

What are the effects of cannabis e-liquid?

The history of cannabis dates back several millennia during which many discoveries have been made. Nowadays, the use of this plant in the medical field is recognized in the majority of countries. Indeed, the CBD it contains has therapeutic virtues for the body. Moreover, you should know that CBD does not have a psychotropic effect, unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

Thus, cannabis e-liquid would provide a feeling of well-being and relaxation. Concretely, it would relieve stress, pain and anxiety thanks to the cannabinoid receptors that our body produces . Indeed, we are born with an endocannabinoid system . In 1992, Willam Devane and Raphaël Mechoulam discovered anandamide, an endogenous cannabinoid, that is to say produced spontaneously by our body.

On the other hand, scientific research has demonstrated a reduction in symptoms linked to nicotine addiction. In fact, consuming CBD vaped in the form of an electronic cigarette would help reduce dependence on THC by around 40%. But that's not all ! Cannabis e-liquid would also promote sleep and rest. This is explained by the potentially anxiolytic properties contained in cannabidiol.

In any case, please note that e-liquid products for cannabis electronic cigarettes cannot in any way replace medicinal treatment.

What dosage should you choose for a CBD liquid?

Choosing a good dosage for a CBD e-liquid mainly depends on each person's needs and consumption habits. This can also vary depending on the electronic cigarette used. Therefore, to get an idea of ​​the quantity suitable for your situation, find the instructions below:

  • Dosage less than 10 mg/ml: light effect, ideal for repetitive daily use;
  • Dosage between 15 and 45 mg/ml: more marked effect, suitable for vaping spaced over time;
  • Dosage from 50 mg/ml: considerable effect, reserved for CBD regulars.

Note that if the e-cigarette is designed to vaporize a large quantity of CBD, it is preferable to opt for a lower dosage (less than 10 mg/ml). In any case, vaping with CBD has no immediate effect on the body. In addition, it will not give you a “high” feeling.

How to choose an electronic cigarette for CBD?

To consume CBD e-liquid, simply buy an electronic cigarette. However, to find the right vaping equipment, you must necessarily take into account several criteria.

First of all, look at the power and choose a beginner model. Moreover, if you are looking for a versatile cannabis e-cigarette, opt for a model with variable Watts. This allows you to adjust the potency based on the CBD. Generally speaking, a power between 15 and 20 W is ideal for consuming cannabidiol.

On the other hand, equipment that works with a clearomizer or a pod with a resistance of 1 ohm would be perfect for a vaping session. Finally, choose an electronic cigarette with a small tank to better preserve the CBD e-liquid.

Summary: points to remember on how to choose CBD

Cannabidiol constitutes a molecule which can take the form of an oil, a cream or an e-liquid. The last option turns out to be interesting, because it generates a fairly high bioavailability of CBD upon consumption. To benefit from it, you must therefore choose the CBD carefully for your electronic cigarette. Flavors represent one of the criteria of choice for vaping CBD. They can be vegetal or classic depending on the presence and use of terpenes in the product.

In addition, apart from the flavors and CBD crystals, the e-liquid contains a PG/PV base (propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin). We generally find 60% concentrations of PG and 40% concentrations of VG in cannabidiol. When purchasing, make sure that it contains the right composition. Likewise, identify your dosage needs to find the right CBD. If you are a beginner, then it is better to take a dosage less than 10 mg/ml. On the other hand, if it is occasional use, you can choose from 15 mg/ml.

Another point not to be overlooked is the brand of the cannabidiol product . Do not hesitate to find out about the reputation of each brand as well as the recipes used in order to ensure the quality of the items. Finally, remember to always check the origin of CBD e-liquids. It is recommended to purchase those with high levels of purity, as they meet French and European standards.


How much does an electronic cigarette cost to vape CBD?

The cost of an electronic cigarette for cannabis varies depending on its potency, resistance and functionality. While some models cost around 15 euros, others can go up to 60 euros.

What are the best CBD liquids?

There are several renowned manufacturers in France who promote authentic and quality CBD liquids. This is the case, for example, of Weedeo, Marie Jeanne, CBD Greeneo and Harmony.

Is it legal to buy cannabis flavored e-liquid?

The purchase of cannabis-flavored e-liquid remains legal in France as long as it contains a THC level not exceeding 0.2%. However, this does not mean that its use is permitted or recommended. In fact, the law simply does not prohibit it.