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Aphrodisiac CBD: the keys to healthy sexuality!

To maintain their libido, many people try classic natural aphrodisiacs, such as ginger, oysters or chocolate. However, how many think about the hemp plant? Yes, the CBD present in it is on the list of effective natural aphrodisiacs. All the details in the article.

What is the link between CBD and libido?

To understand the link between CBD and libido, you need to know that sexual activity and the endocannabinoid system are closely linked. Explanations.

The role of the endocannabinoid system is to promote homeostasis, or maintain a good balance within the body. Different external agents can then alter this balance. We talk for example about stress, fatigue, illness, etc. These are all elements that lower libido. In order to regain sexual desire, we must then restore harmony in the endocannabinoid system. To do this, the solution obviously remains taking CBD.

The effects of aphrodisiac CBD

As an aphrodisiac, CBD has specific actions on men and women.

Concerning men, this hemp molecule would reduce erectile dysfunction – a problem frequently encountered by men over 40. Thus, by taking CBD, men would have an erection more easily. But still, the member would remain rigid longer, which then increases sexual abilities. Gentlemen, this is something to delight you!

As for women, the aphrodisiac CBD acts mainly on the level of orgasm. Indeed, the molecule would make it easier to reach seventh heaven. The ultimate, CBD would allow these ladies to feel significantly more powerful enjoyment.

Whatever the case, the objective of aphrodisiac CBD remains the same for both genders: to increase the pleasure during the carnal act.

Libido and cannabis

How much does 1 gram of aphrodisiac CBD cost?

The cost of a gram of CBD depends on its form . Indeed, it is possible to find CBD flowers or hash on the market. CBD in flower costs between €4 and €10/gram, depending on the quality of the product. As for CBD hash, it costs around €9/gram.

Aphrodisiac CBD generally comes in topical form: cream or oil, lubricant. You can also find CBD in patch form.

Why consume CBD to increase your libido?

Have a fulfilling sex life in your relationship. Who doesn't dream of it! However, over time, but also with professional life and the stress that accompanies it, libido may decline. And this, even if the feelings for his partner have not changed. We then consider the moments under the sheets as a pure marital duty, and no longer as a moment of pleasure to satisfy the other and satisfy ourselves.

Fortunately, loss of desire or even reduced sexual performance is not inevitable. To relive the enthusiasm of the first days, aphrodisiac CBD is a solution of choice.

The benefits of cannabis on sex

The CBD molecule from the hemp plant has various benefits on sexual life and behavior in general. This natural libido booster helps:

  • Promote relaxation. This first point is essential during foreplay. CBD reduces anxiety, which then gives way to a good mood. This state of mind automatically plunges you into the right atmosphere.
  • Improve blood circulation. CBD acts as a vasodilator and therefore promotes blood circulation. This property is particularly interesting in the male genital organ. For good reason, the corpora cavernosa present in the penis are engorged more easily to make the member erect. Thus, by taking a little CBD before the act, the erection will be easier in men.
  • Reduce pain. You should know that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties. Women who experience some pain during penetration may then have less pain during intercourse.

Good to know

CBD is certainly an aphrodisiac, however, it does not only act on the sexual organs, but on the entire organism.

The disadvantages of CBD on libido

Although CBD is generally safe, the reaction to this molecule remains different in each subject. So, for people who have difficulty assimilating aphrodisiac CBD, here are some side effects that may hinder the sexual experience:

  • Increased anxiety;
  • Diarrhea ;
  • Sudden fatigue.

Then, if the person decides to take CBD by smoking it, they may experience the feeling of dry mouth. If it is a woman, she may have difficulty lubricating herself due to the drying out of the vaginal mucous membranes.

Either way, the benefits of CBD on sex life far outweigh the drawbacks.

Summary: the strong points to remember between CBD and libido

  • CBD increases sexual appetite.
  • In men, the hemp plant molecule allows an easier and longer erection.
  • CBD reduces pain during penetration in women, but also makes it easier to reach orgasm.


How much does a gram of aphrodisiac CBD cost?

CBD in flower costs between €4 and €10/gram. Hash costs €9/gram.

What are the benefits of CBD on libido?

CBD increases sexual desire and also provides better sensations during moments spent together under the covers. This molecule helps, among other things, to improve sexual performance.

Are cannabis and sex compatible?

Cannabis and sex go well together to the extent that the first allows you to better enjoy the second.