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Hemp Growth: Key Factors and Unexpected Trends

Growing hemp plants is a complex process that can be influenced by several factors. In general, plant growth follows a typical sigmoid curve. Plants grow to a maximum height, then growth slows as they focus their energy on flowering and reproducing. This growth therefore reaches a flowering plateau.

During the experimental hemp cultivation carried out by CBX this year, the following results emerged: plants having been sown at medium or even low densities (40 to 60 kg/ha) tend to grow taller. These findings challenge some previous assumptions about optimal planting density for hemp cultivation.

Indeed, in order to promote the elongation of stems and the production of long and fine fibers for the textile industry, it would seem that sowing at high densities, for example 90 kg/ha, would be more interesting. . The study carried out by CBX medical, however, shows the opposite. This could be explained by competition for nutrient consumption, which would therefore be faster for plants sown at high densities.

These results highlight the importance of conducting in-depth studies to understand key factors in hemp growth and can guide farmers toward more efficient and sustainable practices.