Sciatic nerve pain: know everything about this pain to better treat it

Sciatica is a pain that corresponds to an inflammation of the sciatic nerve , a nerve that runs along your leg which comes more or less from the lower back and which passes through your gluteal region to run along your leg , a pain that is triggered at the back can theoretically spread along the buttock, the back of the thigh and sometimes up to the foot. What are the causes of sciatica inflammation? What treatments can we adopt to relieve this pain?

What causes sciatic nerve pain?

First of all, you should know that the causes of sciatica differ, you can have sciatica because you have a problem in your back , which is often the cause. It also happens that there is irritation or compression of the nerve root such as disc herniation. The latter can constrain the movement of the nerve root which exits the spinal column. This will systematically generate pain along the nerve, as if it were an electric wire stimulated from its beginning to its end.

In the same way, you can have truncated sciatica, unlike the first sciatic pain, the irritation is not located at the lumbar level, but a little lower, we generally find truncated sciatica due to conflict at the piriformis muscle , a muscle that lies deep in your gluteal region. Consequently, this type of sciatica does not cause back pain, but whatever it is, it is essential to consult a therapist as a first step<strong>to identify the origin and causes of your sciatica.

How to relieve the intense pain of your sciatica?

It must be said that if you suffer from sciatic pain to the point of being blocked, you must necessarily rest as a first step to relieve this virulent pain somewhat, on the other hand, strict bed rest is not recommended in the long term. That is to say, you must do:

  • movements whenever possible;
  • get up regularly every hour to stand;
  • walk two or three steps and possibly sit down and lie down again.

After this little exercise is beneficial for your sciatic pain, incorporating more movement is very important to speed up your recovery. It is recommended at such times to use natural pain relievers such as taking a warm bath, a very effective method to relax your cellular tissues and to be ready to try essential basic exercises including stretching.

Other solutions to relieve sciatic pain

In addition to the stretching protocol and back strengthening exercises to relieve sciatica pain, there are many other effective solutions that can greatly help you to alleviate this pain, which is often sudden and sharp. However, you will absolutely have to avoid prolonged sitting , that of a long car journey or excessively prolonged sitting such as when you are constantly sitting at work.

To avoid this, you will need to intersperse these periods with movement. Finally, you should know that your lifestyle is a very important element if you want to get rid of this pain that is ruining your life, by this we mean a healthy lifestyle firstly, a healthy and balanced diet, preferably natural and without processed products which will have an anti-inflammatory impact on the body. You will obviously need to have additional moments of relaxation and above all you will need to avoid anything that could stress you out as much as possible, because stress is a major source of inflammation. For this, it is advisable to fill your hours of sleep by avoiding the stimulants that pollute your existence, these good lifestyle habits have tangibly proven their effectiveness and the positive impact they have on sciatica pain.

A sciatica patient essentially suffers from the irritation of a nerve , this patient will only feel relieved when he is moving, by transition, if you have irritations for one reason or another in your life, commit to seek solutions by moving, your situation will improve and you will probably be relieved.