The different CBD oils

The health benefits of CBD oil are well established these days. Its various properties (antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antipsychotic, etc.) could indeed help fight against certain symptoms and pathologies. It is also used in the beauty, cosmetics and food sectors. However, it is important to know that it comes in several forms, each with its own characteristics. In this article, focus on the different types of CBD oils.

CBD oil

CBD oil is an oil made from CBD or cannabidiol, a cannabinoid found in hemp. This substance is therefore extracted from the cannabis plant. That said, unlike cannabis, CBD is not a psychotropic molecule.

Types of CBD oils are generally differentiated based on their content of cannabinoids and other constituents. We find :

  • The full spectrum;
  • The broad spectrum;
  • Isolate it.

Full spectrum CBD oil

Full spectrum CBD oil brings together several components, including CBD, terpenes, fatty acids and a dozen other cannabinoids (CBN, THCA, THC, etc.). The level of THC present in a whole plant extract, however, turns out to be relatively low. Its extraction method is done by filtration of the different substances which will not be eliminated subsequently.

The synergy between natural compounds proves essential to allow the oil to reveal its virtues. This is the entourage effect . Thanks to the many other chemical compounds in a whole plant extract, CBD oil would also have healing properties.

Broad spectrum CBD oil

Also called broad-spectrum oil, it contains all cannabinoids and other chemical constituents, except THC. Its extraction process is the same as that of full spectrum, with the only difference that the broad spectrum plant extract goes through a chromatography machine. This eliminates THC.

Note that broad spectrum CBD oil is useful in countries where THC is not legal.

CBD oil isolate

CBD isolate is a product that contains only cannabidiol. Besides oil, it can be marketed in other forms such as crystal or powder. The extraction process for CBD isolate is identical to other CBD oils, except that the cannabidiol is only filtered after all the cannabinoids have been extracted. The chemical compounds are then removed during a cooling process called winterization.

CBD isolate oil generally sells for less on the market. In addition, it does not contain THC. Which does not cause any side effects during use.

Which one to choose ?

To choose the right oil, you must first think about its use. Indeed, with these different types of CBD oils, the uses are numerous.

Furthermore, it is important to take into account several criteria. This concerns in particular:

  • The origin of hemp: to determine the quality and benefits of the product;
  • The extraction method: CO2 extraction or solvent extraction;
  • The concentration and dosage of CBD: from 2.5% to 30%.

As for the price, it differs depending on the quality. This generally depends on the growing conditions of the hemp, the manufacturing process and the extraction of the cannabidiol. In any case, the choice must be made according to the expected usefulness of the product: relieving pain, reducing stress and anxiety, balancing the immune system, etc.

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